About Would Could

The goal of Would Could is to create quality, fun, and functional goods people use everyday. We do this by laser processing products and designs - creating unique, customized/customizable jewelry, coasters, stickers, drinkware, and more. Our designs are inspired by our home, our family, our community; by the beliefs we hold and the people who inspire us; by what makes us think, laugh, and become better humans.

Would Could began when I (Cergio) was in school for engineering. As a student, I had access to a variety of machines and tools, including a laser cutter. After learning how to use the laser cutter and what it was capable of, I couldn’t wait to tell my wife about it…and it wasn’t long until she had a laser-cutter honey-do list for me to complete, starting with a map of the world to hang above our couch. Many many hours later, we had a three panel laser engraved map centering our living room. This experience opened the creative flood gates, and I began making customized products for family and friends. In this early stage, my products were almost exclusively made from wood - photos engraved on cherry, keychains cut from walnut, and jewelry made from purple heart. Thus our name, Would Could, was born as a play on words.

What began as customized pieces for family and friends, soon grew into designs created for retail spaces, as I began showing my work to local stores in the Phoenix area. Practical Art, Changing Hands Bookstore, and Made Art Boutique all began carrying Would Could. Our product line expanded in conjunction with our presence, and we were soon making goods out of cork, acrylic, and vegan leather in addition to wood. Arizona shaped wood coasters, Phoenix earrings, and vegan leather bookmarks were some of our original best sellers. Now people love our cork coasters, waterproof metallic stickers, and insulated drinkware. 

As you scroll through our online store, you’ll notice we have been deeply inspired by our home state. Many of our goods are Arizona themed. However, if you love your state like we do, we are easily able to adapt our designs for other states or locales. Check out our custom page, and send us a note about what you might like! 

Meet Cergio

Would Could creator, Cergio Brown, is an Arizona transplant originally from Chicago, Illinois. He is a true desert convert, who has developed a love for the saguaro cactus, AZ sunsets, and 100+ temperatures (ok… maybe not the 100+ temps). Driven by a desire to bring art, inspiration, and quality materials to everyday items, Cergio brought Would Could to life in 2016.  Since its inception, Cergio has studied, trained, and served as a student, professional engineer, and classroom educator. He has used each experience to broaden his knowledge and improve his skills, applying his technical know-how with his deep creativity to design the fun and functional products that are the heart of Would Could. His meticulous attention to detail and his care for quality make it easy to guarantee that Would Could products will not only bring joy to your day, but will hold up well during everyday use.  He is assisted in his endeavors by his wife, Kimberly, and finds new inspiration and joy from his son, Little Cergio, and daughter, Mila.

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